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Have you ever wondered what your dream wedding or celebration would look like? Are those ideas out of the norm? Here at Hermosa Wedding and Events, we specialize in alternative and fandom concepts for both weddings and events. This means that your dream wedding or celebration could be whatever you have always wanted it to be even one where non traditional clothing and decor is involved. 


Hermosa Weddings and Events takes alternative and fandom concepts and creates a design based on them. The design would match the concept in terms of choosing the right decor elements that have to do with colors, textures, props, floral, lighting, etc. We take time to study the concept to create a mini world based on it but we do it with elegance.   

You should have your dream look and we will support you whatever you decide. We are at your side every step of the way for your Design needs for any special occasion. Transforming any space with true elegance to wow your guests is what we do.



Ceremony Backdrops, Floral Designs, Tablescapes, Centerpieces and more

We transform spaces with the vision that you have in mind with true elegance.  Perhaps you want flower installations for every guest table  instead of traditional 

centerpieces.  You may want an extravagant custom made ceremony backdrop with lots of floral.  Whatever you are thinking of, we are there to make your vision look fabulous and classy.

Alternative & Fandom Concepts

Lord of the Rings, Gothic, DC Comics, Tattoos and Everything in Between

Are you thinking of a concept, one that is not the norm? Cristina personally loves DC Comics so a Superman wedding or event is one idea.  All decor details would match the concept.  Whatever you are thinking of, elegance is our number one objective.  See our Gallery and Videos pages for a preview of our work.  Other sample concepts can be found on our Pinterest page.


California, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Mexico, and Beyond

For those whose vision is taking them internationally or nationally including California and New York City. Whether you are a couple who dreams of saying “I do” in Mexico or Paris or Florence or you are a business that wants to plan a unique getaway, Cristina would love to help because she is also a traveler.  She is fluent in Spanish and can conversate in Italian.  


If Italy is a dream of yours, she can certainly be of service.  She personally knows many vendors in Italy and some owners of breathtaking venues. It is the reason she learned to conversate in Italian.  

Custom pricing is dependent on how elaborate the design is. Let's chat!