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A Wedding or Event That Is a Reflection of Your Personality

Have you ever wondered what your dream wedding or celebration would look like? Are those ideas out of the norm? Here at Hermosa Wedding and Events, we specialize in alternative concepts for both weddings and events. This means that your dream wedding or celebration could be whatever you have always wanted it to be even one where non traditional clothing and decor is involved.

What is an alternative concept? It’s the idea that it will not be traditional or something that people are used to seeing.  Alternative means unique and out of the ordinary. Your wedding or celebration can be categorized as such. Example concepts are Punk Rock Chic, Harry Potter Glam, DC Comics Inspired, and Marie Antoinette Meets Classic Rockabilly. The concepts are endless!

Hermosa Weddings and Events takes these types of concepts and creates a design based on them. The design would match the concept in terms of choosing the right decor elements that have to do with colors, textures, props, floral, lighting, etc. We take time to study the concept to create a mini world based on it but we do it with elegance. Hence our motto, “Transforming Spaces With True Elegance to Wow Your Guests”.  This can mean creating a ceremony backdrop that is colorful if the concept is Rainbow inspired or Dia De Los Muertos inspired. This can also mean having your guests walk through the “yellow brick road” as seen in the Wizard of Oz for a grand entrance. Regardless of what it is, creativity and realism are important in our designs.

Are you thinking if your guests can be part of the design? Yes, they can! Why not have them dress the part? How much more fun would this be! There are so many cosplayers out there already and if any of your guests have never cosplayed before, this is their chance. A Lord of the Rings concept where everyone dresses like medieval times would be super cool. A Superman concept where everyone dresses like his Justice League team would be amazing. Think of it as a mini Comic Con for your wedding or celebration.

You can definitely have the wedding or celebration of your dreams with Hermosa Weddings and Events. Go ahead and let out the nerd inside of you!  It would be our pleasure to help because we are nerds ourselves! Email us at cristina@hermosaevents.com

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