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Aragorn and Arwen Wed in the Forest by Cristina of Hermosa Weddings and Events

Did you watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy? I did and I loved them all! I was fascinated by all the characters and all the worlds they lived in. From the badass wizards to the dwarves to the cute hobbits and to the more serious elves. All were super cool to me. What happened between the bad and the good was a sight to see. The only thing missing was the wedding of Aragorn and Arwen. So, I decided to plan and design a wedding in honor of them.

I was inspired to recreate the love between Arwen and Aragorn. I was also inspired to create a world that they lived in and this also meant true cosplaying. My vision was brought to life with the help of my team of wedding professionals. Together, we made it all become a reality. The forest was the perfect place, don't you think?

In the forest for two reasons. One, there were so many forest scenes in the trilogy including the scene where we see the Elves´ beautiful, hidden woodland refuge. Two, I loved the talking trees from the forest. I watched them in amazement as they helped fight the bad guys. I like to think they were amongst us as my team and I worked on this inspired wedding. For real though!

In the slideshow above you see detail elements that make you think Lord of the Rings. Can you spot them? Finding and choosing these details was so fun for me. I am definitely a nerd!

The color palette needed to match the concept. The darker colors of forest green, purple, and burgundy fit in perfectly because the movies are on the darker and moodier side. I also wanted to use silver because it is a royal color and it was perfect to represent the King, Aragorn.

The coolest thing about this inspired wedding was the way all the vendors helped to make it a mini Lord of the Rings world. From Arwen´s elf ears to Frodo´s blue sword to the food and desserts being named appropriately and to the custom invitation suite. Even Arwen´s and Aragorn´s outfits, jewelry, and hairstyles fit perfectly. Where else would you see Gandalf´s hat or the cloak clasps or Arwen´s necklace?

This was certainly an unforgettable Lord of the Rings affair that was fit for a King and an Elven goddess. So tell me what do you think? Are you becoming inspired to have your very own LOTR event or wedding?

Video by Amy Hung Films

Hermosa Weddings and Events can make your fandom wedding or event celebration happen. Who is ready to cosplay? Cristina is a cosplayer herself and would love to help. She can be reached at cristina@hermosaevents.com

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Planner, Event Design & Styling:  Hermosa Weddings and Events www.hermosaevents.com


Photographer:  Jen Vazquez Photography www.jenvazquez.com @jenvazquezphotography

Dress:  Collezione Fortuna Fashion Boutique & Bridals www.collezionefortuna.com@collezionefortunabridescarmel

MUAH:  Powers Beauty Artistry www.powersbeautyartistry.com @mrs.powersbeauty

Florist:  Dubon Floral Design www.dubonfloraldesign.com @dubonfloraldesign

Caterer and Cake Artist:  California Inspirations Catering www.californiainspirations.net


Calligrapher: JK design www.jkdesigncal.com @jkdesigncal

Videographer:  Amy Hung Films www.amyhungfilms.com @amyhungfilms

Truffles:  Charlotte Truffles www.charlottetruffles.com @chartruffles

Jewelry:  Corey Egan www.coreyegan.com @coreyegan

Rentals:  Murphy’s Mercantile www.murphysmercantile.com @murphysvintage

Bride/Arwen: Jessica Vazquez @pinkjessa_

Groom/Aragorn:  Koty Powers @twinterror1