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Atlantis Superheroes' Affair on the California Coast by Hermosa Weddings and Events

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

How do superheroes fall in love? Is it because of what they have in common: being a superhero, fighting the same enemy, having the same friends? Enter Aquaman and Mera. Who are they? They are superheroes based in the sea. They are warriors fighting the same enemy.  

Aquaman and Mera are unique. They have super powers such as enhanced strength and speed. He can telepathically communicate with marine life, which he can summon from great distances. She has the power of hydrokinesis where she can manipulate water. Aquaman is half-man and half-Atlantean born to a human named Tom Curry and to the Atlantean queen Atlanna. Because of this, he fights to protect both the surface world and the sea. His human name is Arthur Curry. Aquaman is part of the Justice League where he fights alongside Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, The Flash, and Cyborg. He is also the heir to Atlantis.

These two have had their share of highs and lows. They have been enemies, partners, and lovers. Aquaman has even saved Mera from enemy hands. It only makes sense that they have fallen in love. Together, as Arthur Curry and Mera, they join their family and close friends to partner up in life.

Event Design Inspiration

Cristina from Hermosa Weddings and Events planned and provided the design for this inspired wedding. She was inspired by DC Comics and, in particular, the DC character, Aquaman. Many DC elements related to Aquaman and his alter ego Arthur Curry were incorporated throughout the design. The entire design revolved around the colors orange and green since Aquaman´s costume in the DC comic books is orange and green. Also, referencing the DC comic books was key to have the wedding of Aquaman and Mera stay true to the comic books they originated from. One such comic book detail was making it known that the Justice League was present at the wedding because Aquaman is part of this superhero team.

The sea was also an inspiration for this inspired wedding because Atlantis is deep inside the sea and it is where Aquaman resides. Being outside of the sea also encompasses Arthur´s character since he is half-man, has loved ones that are humans, and has lived on the surface world in the past. Many design elements were chosen with the sea in mind.

The Setting

The surface world is a perfect place for them to get married.  At a beach because it is so close to the sea, a place they love. Being outside of the sea also encompasses Arthur´s character since he is half-man, has loved ones that are humans, and has lived on the surface world.   Both the ceremony and reception were held on the beach. Guests included were Clark Kent, Diana Prince, Bruce Wayne, Barry Allen, and Victor Stone. After all, the Justice League had to be there but undercover, of course! A gorgeous sea kelp ceremony with floral and succulent accents that overlooked the ocean was absolutely breathtaking! Their elegant sweetheart table also overlooked the ocean. The beautifully designed guest tables were actually stunning wooden chests. The gorgeous sea inspired cake was a hit. Everything was so elegant.


Holy Smoke Batman, Mera was a sight to see! Can someone say, drop dead gorgeous? Her lovely red curls paired with a stunning floral crown, bouquet, and dress caught everyone´s attention. She stood out and was the apple in Aquaman´s eyes the entire evening.

Mera's attire consisted of a dress, floral headpiece, and feet glam. She wore a long turquoise dress that had a sequin gold top. This dress was chosen because the gold top looked like fish scales and the turquoise bottom represented the color of ocean water. Her headpiece was custom made for her because she wears a gold tiara in the DC comic books. It looked amazing on her long red hair! Gold feet glam was a nice touch.


Aquaman/Arthur Curry did not require a suit. A suit for him is his superhero costume. Instead, an orange vest with a green tie was a perfect fit because his costume encompasses these colors in the DC comic books. Besides his vest and tie, the rest of his attire needed to be subtle. So, linen beige pants with a patterned and beige buttoned up shirt were a part of his attire as well. He wore socks with some green on them and his orange shoes tied everything together. He didn't wear his green gloves but they did make a small appearance.

Ceremony Design

For the ceremony design, Wildrose and Thyme used dill and eucalyptus to create a sea kelp forest canopy. It started off grayish green near the bottom and changes to yellow as the kelp reached the light. Underneath the canopy was driftwood, sea grass, aloe, and succulents to bring the beach in. Several arrangements were also placed around the driftwood for more color. arrangements were also placed around the driftwood for more color.

Ocean Fun

This inspired wedding wouldn't be complete without some fun in the ocean. Check these two out in their natural element!

Final Touch

Lastly, because there is an actual DC comic book where Aquaman and Mera get married, Cristina framed the cover. It was the icing on the cake for this elegant affair.

Video and Music

Kirsten Axelrod Photography and Jason Wingert Cinema created an amazing video for this inspired wedding.  The songs “Immortality” by Aakash Gandhi and “Hero’s Theme” by Twin Musicom fit perfectly. The music helps reveal the intense love between Aquaman and Mera and also of their superhero status.

Cristina is a big fan of DC and this is her third DC inspired wedding. Her favorite DC superhero is Superman so her first one involved Superman and Wonder Woman. Her second one involved Batman and Catwoman. Aquaman and Mera was naturally third since the movie premiered on December 21st and because Aquaman is a member of the Justice League just like Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman.

Let her and her team make your superhero wedding or event a reality. She can be reached at cristina@hermosaevents.com


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Planner & Event Designer:  Hermosa Weddings and Events www.hermosaevents.com @hermosaweddingsandevents

Cinematography: Jason Wingert Cinema & Kirsten Axelrod Photography

www.jwshots.com @jw_videophoto

www.kirstenaxelrodphotography.com @kirstenaxelrodphotography

Photography: Animus-Art Photography www.animus-art.com @animusartphotography

Hair & Makeup: Glamology Beauty Lounge www.glamologybeautylounge.com @glamologybeautylounge

Florist: Wild Rose and Thyme www.wildroseandthyme.com @wildroseandthyme

Rentals & Styling: Forage Vintage Rental Co. www.foragevintagerental.com @foragevintagerental.co

Cake Artist: California Inspirations Catering www.californiainspirations.net @california_inspirations

Stationary & Calligraphy: Little Sister Creative Studio www.lscreativestudio.com @littlesistercreativestudio

Specialty Linens: Williams Party Rentals www.willparty.com @williamspartyrentals

Dress Boutique: Epiphany Boutique www.epiphany-boutique.com @epiphanyboutique_carmel

Bride/Mera: Chelsea Simmons @chelseabellle / FB: Chelsea Simmons

Groom/Aquaman: Damian Shott @damianshott

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