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How Does the Alternative Couple Dress For Their Alternative Wedding or Fandom Wedding?

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

If you are a non traditional couple that wants to show off your own unique style at your wedding, then read on.

Fandom Cosplay

Have you been to the San Diego Comic Con or have seen pictures? Practically everyone dresses up to show off their favorite fandom. It’s super cool! From superheroes cosplay to TV series cosplay like Game of Thrones to Hello Kitty, you see it all. There are even groups of people that dress up in the same fandom outfits like DC Comics villains. 

Why not cosplay for your fandom wedding? The overall concept for both your wedding design and attire can match. For example, you can decide on a Superman Marries Wonder Woman concept where both the decor and your attire are inspired by this concept. Below are example photos of this wedding inspiration.

But, couples do not even have to express the same fandom. It can be a Game of Thrones Meets Snow White concept. Why not? You can do whatever you want as long as you follow your heart. As the bride, can you picture yourself wearing a Snow White inspired outfit? As the groom, can you picture yourself as a knight? Whatever you have in mind, you can pull it off. You would definitely impress your guests. Why not even have your guests also dress the part?

Alternative Cosplay

Even if it’s not fandom inspired, you can still have a wedding that shows off a different kind of alternative concept. It can be a Gothic concept or a Rockabilly one or put two alternative concepts together like Rockabilly Meets 80’s Retro. The possibilities are endless. As the bride, you could wear a yellow dress that puffs at the shoulders for the 80's look. As the groom, you could wear jeans with a hanging chain at the waist, converse, and a plaid buttoned up shirt with slicked back hair for the Rockabilly look. 

Fandom and Alternative Cosplay

Why not infuse both a fandom and alternative concept together? It can be a Harry Potter Meets Disney Princess concept. As the bride you could wear a ball gown. As the groom, you could dress as a wizard.

You should be able to dress the way you want at your wedding. Want more ideas? Cristina from Hermosa Weddings and Events is a cosplayer herself and would love to help. She can be reached at cristina@hermosaevents.com

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