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Event Design and Decor by Cristina of Hermosa Weddings and Events

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

I am an Accredited Event Designer and I love what I do. Event Design is about the involvement of lighting, colors, fabrics, centerpieces, backdrops, and more. It is about deciding from various styles, shapes, and textures. It involves a theme or overall concept. All this can definitely ignite a certain feeling within to either love the design or not.

I loved designing the backdrop below. The details behind this look was very important along with symmetry and balance. Where does your eye lead you? Because that´s important. What jumps out at you? It is all about the details and I have so much fun when deciding on them and the design. Here, I used speciality fabrics and silver rhinestone decor elements. Paired with florals designed by Wildrose and Thyme and specialty velvet linen by Party Crush Studio was so perfect to give off a romantic feel.

I love designing the look for tables. Centerpieces are popular and can be made of floral. They can be short and low, which helps people see and talk to each other as seen here, designed by Studio Wildflower. They could also be tall but I would make sure they are tall enough so people can see one another. Table settings add a lot of character. The colors and shapes of charger plates, dinner plates, glassware, napkins etc. help to bring out the theme or concept. Tablecloths may be an option to cover the entire table or it can be a table runner. I personally love the specialty linen called sequin because it's so elegant. It's a must see if you haven't seen it yet! I also love lots of candles whether they are tall or shorter votive candle holders. Lots of lighting really does help with the elegance factor. -Rentals by Williams Party Rentals

One of my favorite things to do is to design for a themed wedding or themed event. It is where I study a story and all the details that have to do with the theme before I decide on the overall design. For example, this image is from my Batman Marries Catwoman inspired wedding where I matched the design with the personalities of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle and the world they live in. I chose all design elements of the table designs including the speciality linens by Party Crush Studio to the signature drinks to the shoes and outfits. Do you see Clark Kent's glasses? Of course, he had to be in attendance.

Once I have studied all about the theme, I decide on what I want guests to feel.  Will it be a dark and moody feeling?  Will it be a feeling of happiness and romance?  The feeling depends on the theme. For Batman Marries Catwoman, I chose dark and moody because that is what Gotham is all about. I can be so creative with the details and the possibilities are endless.  I always make sure to stay true to the theme.  Whatever the theme, my nerdiness definitely comes out!

I look forward to hearing from you for your Design needs or just even for your thoughts on my blog post!

- Cristina


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