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I Met My Idol Preston Bailey

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

In February I attended the Preston Bailey Protege workshop for three days in New York City. It was such an amazing experience! Not only did I meet my idol Preston Bailey but I also worked as part of a team to create luxurious designs for all four seasons. It was a wonderful experience that I will never forget.

Preston and Cristina

First off, not only has Preston Bailey been named one of the best Designers in the Event industry, but he is also a kind and humble human being. I admire him even more because of this. His energy is infectious. His words are inspiring. He is also generous and supportive. I feel blessed to have met him and I am so happy that I learned from the best in the industry.

Preston Bailey Protege Workshop

It was a well organized three day workshop where the attendees were from various parts of the world including the United States, Jamaica, and India. We learned so much! We heard from established creatives from the Event industry that work with Preston. We also were put in teams and worked alongside Preston's team. Together, we created a wedding through the four seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. We had a table design competition between us attendees as well. Preston Bailey also presented and offered us a lot of valuable advice on each day of the workshop.

My team and I - From Left to Right - Cristina, Alex, Ana, Stephanie, Nicky, Marine, and Teddy - representing US, Jamaica, Curacao, Panama and Philippines

Our Designs

Below are the before and after designs we worked on. Can you tell which season is which?

Preston's Words of Wisdom

Preston's words inspired me so much. I took everything he said to heart. He gave us advise and tips on so many things but certain words of wisdom stood out to me. He talked about making mistakes and learning from them. He offered advice so that we wouldn't make the same mistakes. I think this is so great of him because he really cares and wants us to succeed. He also talked about how we should let ourselves be silly. It is important for others to see us as a real person that can have fun instead of being serious and dull. Who would want to work with a person like that anyway? He also talked about Branding Practices which I appreciated so much. Things like marketing, purpose, and accessibility were among the topics. These topics gave me a chance to reflect on my own business. I am now truly inspired to be the best I can be and do things that I have always hoped to do. Thank you Preston!

Making Connections

I love meeting others and making new connections. This is something I did at the workshop. I met and worked with like minded individuals. I am so happy I have made new friends in the industry. From New York City to Jamaica to Curacao to Miami and all the way in the Philippines, I hope to see my new friends again.

Preston Bailey's Team

I met many people on Preston's team. What they all have in common is that they are all kind, hardworking, dedicated, and helpful. They also have been working for Preston for many years. Some people I had the pleasure of working with are Apple, Sanaw, and Oscar. A big thank you to them for helping us attendees with creating the luxurious designs and guiding us. A special shout out to Alejandra Sacasa!! She is Preston's Vice President of Business Development and she helped organize the Protege workshop. Good job girl! More about the workshop by clicking here.

I am ready to apply what I learned from Preston and his team. Who is need of some floral and event design for your wedding or celebration? You can email me at cristina@hermosaevents.com or call/text me at 619-933-5392

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