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Superman & Wonder Woman Inspired Wedding by Hermosa Weddings and Events

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

It's the long awaited wedding between Justice League superheroes, Superman and Wonder Woman. Because I am a DC fanatic and my favorite superhero is Superman, I decided to plan and design an inspired wedding between these two. I had so much fun in the process!

For numerous hours, I planned for the Superman Marries Wonder Woman inspired wedding because of my love for Superman. I like to think that I am the biggest Superman fan out there! As a child, my brothers had their comic book collections and of course Superman was part of their collection. I loved reading the Superman comics. I have also gone to the San Diego Comic Con many times and guess who I have cosplayed as? Since I am a girl, I have cosplayed as Supergirl but I have also cosplayed as a female version of Clark Kent. At Comic Con, I have waited in line for many, many hours just to be able to see Henry Cavill speak about his role as Superman. I have been to two Comic Con panels where he is there and both times I was fascinated and thrilled to actually be sitting in the same room as him because I am a huge fan of Henry Cavill as well. He is a talented actor and he is the perfect Superman! To add on, I cosplay as Supergirl every chance I get for Halloween. I am such a DC nerd!

I chose to use crystals because Superman’s Fortress of Solitude is full of crystals. Crystals were incorporated on the guest table, sweetheart table, on the lounge area end table, on the cake table, on the ceremony altar, and on the ceremony aisle candelabras. The hexagon shape throughout the design was chosen because in my planning stages I ran into someone’s artwork online of Superman’s Fortress of Solitude and some of the tops of the fortress crystals were shaped as hexagons. Hence, the hexagonal ceremony altar, the hexagon shaped menu, the seating chart with hexagons, and the votive candle holders in the bar area that had hexagon shaped tops. I also used diamonds in the shape of squares in the design for the mirrors on the sweetheart table, guest table, cake table, and on the lounge area ottoman. This is because Superman’s logo is diamond shaped. To represent Clark Kent as a reporter, I used an antique typewriter for the welcome table that displayed a message to guests from Diana and Clark. To represent Kal-El, I chose to name his signature drink Kryptonite. Of course, the drink would be green and that is why I used green letters for this drink on the signature drink display.

To represent Wonder Woman, I used lassos throughout the design. These lassos were on the sweetheart table, guest table, welcome table on the antique typewriter, tied around the three belly bars in the bar area, and tied on five places for the cake backdrop. I did use two different colored lassos. The cake had five bright gold lassos because Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth turns bright gold when being used on someone. The other lassos were a dull gold because Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth isn’t bright when it’s not being used. To also represent Wonder Woman, I folded the napkins in the shape of a sword and placed them inside of a gold ring holder to help give it the sword look. I did this because she uses a sword when she fights. To represent Diana, Princess of Themyscira, I chose to name her signature drink Paradise Island since Themyscira has also been known as Paradise Island. The drink would be red because I also thought about red Kryptonite which is associated with Kal-El. This is why I used red letters for this drink on the signature drink display.

I incorporated comics in the design because both Superman and Wonder Woman originated from comic books. The guest table name was named THOOM! because it’s a comic book exclamation and action word that can be used for a fighting seen. I placed the word THOOM! inside of a bubble because bubbles are seen in comic books. The seating chart that Boxed Wedding Invitations created had table names of various comic book exclamations and action words that I ran into in the planning stages. The names I chose were BAMM!, BOOOOOOM!, THRUTH!, KRAK!, BRRAK-KOOOM!, and THOOM!. Also, the lounge area ottoman showed pieces of a Superman and Action Comics puzzle. Action Comics is an American comic book series that first introduced Superman in 1938. I also incorporated comics in the caravan photo booth. Inside of it, I hung comic book pages of Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Robin with red and yellow clothes pins. Inside of the caravan, I also displayed a WHAM! sign. I also incorporated comics for the sweetheart table chair names. I placed the Wonder Woman and Superman logos inside bubbles and hung them from each corresponding chair.

I included all the Justice League characters in the design. This is because both Wonder Woman and Superman are part of the Justice League. All the six superheroes were displayed inside of the caravan photo booth as small figurines. Also, they were all in the seating chart. Instead of their superhero names, I had Boxed Wedding Invitations use their alter egos like Bruce Wayne and Barry Allen. The photo booth props were of some of the Justice League superheroes: Superman, Batman, and Cyborg. I incorporated all the Justice League characters because it was the movie that followed Wonder Woman in the DC movies series.

As far as the Wonder Woman/Diana Prince and Superman/Clark Kent models (Edith Romero and Rick Alvarez) go, I planned for their attire as well to fit the theme. Collaborating with the Eco Designer, Deborah Lindquist, helped me realize that there should be two wardrobe changes, one for Wonder Woman and Superman and one for Diana Prince and Clark Kent. Deborah Lindquist designed the outfits and some accessories for Wonder Woman and Diana Prince. I planned for the outfits and accessories of Superman and Clark Kent as well as for some accessories for Wonder Woman and Diana Prince. I carefully chose the look for Superman and Clark Kent making sure to incorporate blue, red, and gold. For both Wonder Woman and Diana Prince, I chose the shoes as well as the gold hair accessory, gold/crystal ring, and gold earrings. Wonder Woman wore jeweled shoes to represent the crystals inside Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. Diana Prince wore red shoes because both Wonder Woman and Superman have this color in common in their costumes. I made sure to also include the Wonder Woman headpiece and her lasso of truth. Overall, Wonder Woman and Diana Prince wore white with hints of red and gold and Superman and Clark Kent wore blue with hints of red and gold. All these colors fit the theme. In addition, I decided that Wonder Woman would wear her hair down with curls and carry her lasso because it’s true to her character. I decided that Superman would have his hair slicked back, wear his cape, and his “costume” underneath his suit because it’s true to his character. Instead of getting married as Wonder Woman and Superman, they got married as Diana Prince and Clark Kent. This meant no more lasso but hair up with a long beautiful gown for Diana Prince. And this meant no more cape but shaggy hair with glasses and suit blazer for Clark Kent.

Thanks for reading all about how I planned and designed for this special inspired wedding between Superman and Wonder Woman. It has been my favorite project so far. Are you ready for your own Superman and Wonder Woman wedding? I would love to help. Email me at cristina@hermosaevents.com


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